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Simply The Best Yoga Hammocks In Australia

Your safety is our priority


Aerial Yoga is an inherently high risk activity, your safety is your responsibility. We would love for you to practice Aerial Yoga for years to come, look after yourself, check all equipment each time it is used.

Here are some of our recommendations on how best to care for your equipment and be proactive with your safety:

  • Check your equipment before every use for damage and to ensure correct rigging, discontinue use immediately if damaged.

  • Ensure you understand and get professional advice regarding weight limits and max load on products.

  • We always recommend your Aerial Equipment to be hung professionally.

  • Avoid using it in direct sunlight, this may weaken the fabric with prolonged exposure.

  • Do not leave any product in adverse weather, always pack away indoors in the dry after use.

  • We advise to not wear jewellery, zips, hair clips, or any item that may tear the fabrics. If this occurs, discontinue use.

  • If you notice damage to rigging hardware immediately discontinue use.

We advise replacing all Yoga Hammocks and Hardware after 12 months to ensure safety regardless of their condition or immediately when damage occurs.


Load Ratings


Most of our products are EN certified, the rest have been load/strength tested by us or our suppliers. We take no liability/responsibility for the load capacity of any of our products, or their failure through responsible or irresponsible operation.

  • Nylon Tricot Fabric - WLL 200kg   - MBS 2800kg
  • Steel Carabiners    - WLL175kg    - MBS 2500kg
  • 100cm Nylon Sling - WLL 175kg   - MBS 2500kg
  • Daisy Chain            - WLL 175kg - MBS 100KG end to end and 250kg per loop
  • Choke Loop            - WLL 150kg   - MBS 2200kg

MBS: Minimum Breaking Strength

WLL: Working Load Limit

The usage and application of products will vary their load capacities from their respective ratings (as an example: knots in fabric will reduce its load capacity). Please understand that load ratings are supplied to the best of our ability and are given in good faith. Ensure you know your weight, the dynamic forces affecting the equipment and the products breaking load before use. Your safety is of utmost importance. We do not recommend using/loading the products with more than one person unless specifically specified. Check all equipment each time it is used

Our equipment is load tested locally, please contact us if you would like more information.

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